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Φ4×60m Rotary Kiln

Φ4×60m Rotary Kiln

Main Technical Performance of φ4×60m Rotary Kiln:
1. Production capacity: 2500t/d new type dry process cement production line.
2. Main driving speed: 0.41-4.07r/min, inclination: 4%.
3. Auxiliary transmission speed: 8r/h.
4. Amount of supports: 3.
5. Sealing type: Sheet steel sealing for the kiln outlet, and for sealing kiln rear, air cylinder used to tightly compress its end surface. (other types available)
6. Cooling mode of kiln outlet: air cooling.
7. Driving mode: single driving.
8. Thrust roller type: hydraulic thrust roller
9. Motor model of main driving: ZSN4-355-092; power: 315kW; rated revolution: 1000r/min; armature voltage: 440V; exciting voltage: 180V; range of speed regulation: 100-1000r/min.
10. Tachogenerator: ZYS-100A; power: 8w; maximum rotating speed: 1000r/min; maximum operating voltage: 100v; maximum load current: 80mA.
11. Main speed reducer: YNS1110-22.4-VBR I=22.4.
12. Auxiliary driving motor: Y180L-4; power: 22kW; rated rotating speed: 1470r/min; rated voltage: 380V.
13. Speed reducer for auxiliary driving: YNS440-45-ⅡR I=45
14. Gear driving: open m=28 Z1/Z2=19/218

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