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Ammonization Granulator

Technical Parameters of NZ Series Ammonization Granulator:

Specification and model Output (t/h) Rotating speed of cylinder Slope of cylinder Feeding temperature Discharging temperature Operating pressure Motor power (kw) Weight (kg)
Φ2.2×5.0m 9-15 9.6 650℃ ~100℃ ~150Pa 90 25.5
Φ2.4×5.5m 18-25 9.3 650℃ ~100℃ ~150Pa 90 39.2
Φ2.6×6.0m 30-40 9.3 650℃ ~100℃ ~150Pa 90 40.1
Φ2.8×7.0m 40-50 9.3 750℃ ~100℃ ~150Pa 110 54.0
Φ2.8×7.5m 50-60 9.3 750℃ ~100℃ ~200Pa 110 61.0
Φ3.0×6.0m 60-80 7-10 800℃ ~100℃ ~150Pa 132 58.0
Φ3.0×8.0m 80-100 9.15 800℃ ~100℃ ~150Pa 132 66.6
Φ3.2×8.0m 100-120 9.15 800℃ ~100℃ ~150Pa 160 73.5
Φ3.2×10m 130-150 9.15 800℃ ~100℃ ~150Pa 160 79.5

Note: Its lining palate is rubber.

Established in 1994, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of ammonization granulator in China. Besides ammonization granulator, we also provide customers worldwide with drum granulator, spray granulation dryer, cement production line, cement grinding plant, industrial kiln and furnace, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, environmental protection equipment, cooling equipment, drying equipment, compound fertilizer equipment, packing machine, chemical equipment and electrical control system. With the certification of ISO9000 and CE, our products have been well received by customers from as many as 60 countries and districts such as Germany, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Bengal, Pakistan, Turkey, Burma, Vietnam, South Africa, Columbia, Bolivia, etc. If you're interested in our ammonization granulator, please contact us freely.

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