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1. Mr. Zhang Renwei, leader of China Building Material Council, accompanied by Mr. Wang Jia'an, president of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, inspects our company's production base.
2. Successfully signing contract with a Rwandan cement factory, for supplying 1500tpd cement equipment
3. Olympic champion Zhongman, with his parents visited Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, and took a photograph with our vice-president Mr Zhou Yinbiao in front of our office building.
4. Mr Wang Jia'an, president of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Company, signed contract with Danmark Smith Company.
5. Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd was awarded the meritorious enterprise of China building material and machinery for 30 years opening and reforming. Our chairman Mr Wang Jia'an was invited to take part in the theme forum.
6. China Cement Association leader Lei Qianzhi and Beijing sales manager Cai Tongfu of our company
7. Pengfei's large-scale cement rotary kiln calcination energy saving technology was awarded the project of commercialization of great research findings in Jiasngsu Province. The picture is that the study group, accompanied by Mr Wang Jia'an, visited our company's exhibition hall.
8. Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd successfully signed the contract with GEMIKAYA CEMENT GROUP of Azerbaijan about supplying cement equipment.
9. Chen Guoqing, deputy chairman of China Building Material Council, visited our production base.
10. Russian clients
11. Mr. Xia Zhiyun, president of Sinoma International Nanjing Cement Industry Design and Research Institute, and Mr. Wang Jia'an, president of our company, attended the ignition ceremony for the second-term engineering project in Taini (Yingde) Cement Co., Ltd.
12. Wu Angdan, Secretary-General of Myanmar Yangon City Development Committee, and Mr. Wang Jia'an, mutually submitted the cooperation documents.
13. Thai customers
14. Mr. Wang Jia'an signed contract with Mr. Wu Junye, president of Myanma Ceramic Company
15. Mr Wang Jia'an negotiated with our clients from Italy.
16. Nikolay T. Voronov, General Manager of Russia Belaci Cement Joint-stock Company, accompanied by Mr. Wang Jia'an, visited our production base.
17. Egyptian customers, together with Mr. Wang Jia'an, visited our production base.
18. Mr. Wang jia'an signed contract with Indian AMRIT CEMENT for supplying 1500tpd cement production line.
19. Mr. Wang, general manager of SUMAC Group
20. Leaders of Vietnam's Haiphong Construction Company visited our processing base.
21. Mr. Wu Jimao, General Manager of Myanmar Ceramic Industrial Company, exchanged presents with Mr. Wang Jia'an.
22. Pakistani customers negotiated with Mr. Wang Jia'an about the 2500t/d rotary kiln production line.
23. Bengalese clients
24. Irish customers
25. Chinese and foreign leaders, from Chinese building material technical equipment company, visited our production base.
26. Mr. Wang Jia'an negotiated with Saudi Arabian customers about our 5000t/d cement production line.
27. Yemeni clients
28. Pakistani customers
29. Our customers from ORIENTE S.A of Columbia visited our exhibition centre.
30. Rwandan customers visited our ball mill production base.
31. Korean customers
32. European clients
33. Russian customers
34. Mr. Wang jia'an, our general manager, celebrated together with Turkish customers for our 1500t/d cement production line.

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