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Rolling Machine

Description of Rolling Machine:
Our rolling machine is a kind of new-type cement grinding equipment developed on the basis of advanced technology, and its grinding system has integrated the rolling, scattering, separating, drying and powder separating into one body. Besides, when used together with a ball mill, it can be used in various process flows, like pre-grinding, mixing, semi-finished grinding, finished grinding, and more.

Due to the change in its grinding principles, this rolling machine and its grinding system have more advantages, like 50-100% lower power consumption, and 100-300% higher productivity.

Features of Rolling Machine:
1. Heat overlaying weld has been employed to make the maintenance of wear-resisting layer more convenient. Meanwhile, the amount of microcracks is largely reduced, and the service life of roller surfaces is no less than 8000h. It is quite easy to maintain the roller surfaces.
2. Aeronautic hydraulic technique is used to make the hydraulic system more reliable and stable.
3. With the cooperation of its hydraulic system and automatic control system, it can do the work of load control of main driving motor, deviation control of space between rollers, automatic deviation adjustment, and fault diagnosis.
4. Its matched powder separator has scattering, grading and drying capacity, which makes low operation costs and high working efficiency possible.

PFG120-45 Rolling Machine
Parameters of PFG120-45 Rolling Machine:

1. Name: PFG120-45 Rolling Machine
2. Material name: raw meal of cement, clinker and so on.
3. Total moisture content: ≤1-1.5%
4. Maximum feeding size: ≤70mm
5. Average feeding size: ≤25mm
6. Discharge size: more than 25% of processed materials are 0.08mm.
7. Productivity: 100-140t/h
8. Operation mode: continuous
9. Power supply mode: voltage: 380V; motor model: Y355L-8
10. Layout mode: 2×220KW power for indoor motor
11. Roller diameter: 1200mm
12. Roller width: 450mm
13. Linear velocity: 1.48m/s
14. Max. crushing capacity of rollers: 70KN/cm

PFG140-80 Rolling Machine:

Equipment name PFG 140-80 rolling machine and matched V type powder separator(or scattering machine)
Unit set 2
I. Basic Parameters of Subsets
1. Rolling machine Specification
Roller diameter mm Φ1400
Roller length mm 800
Passing capacity ≥t/h 300-350
Rotating speed of rotor r/min 20.2
Linear speed of rollers m/s 1.48
Working roll gap range mm 25~40
Feeding size mm ≤45mm(≥95%)
Discharging size mm ≤2mm/0.09mm(65%/20%)
Moisture content of material % ≤1%
2. V type powder separator
Model PF3000
Air passing volume M³/h 180000~210000
Air speed between guiding plates m/s 6.8
Resistance force Pa 1000~1500
Ⅱ. Main Components
1. Rolling machine
1.1. Main motor Set 2
Model YRKK560-8
Power kW 2×560
Voltage kV 10
Rated rotating speed r/min 750
Operation frequency Hz
Protection level IP44
Weight kg 5560
1.2. Main Speed reducer set 2
Model XG48-36.5
Max. transmitting power kW 500
Nominal speed ratio 36.5
Actual speed ratio
Weight kg 5000
2. Matched oil station model XYZ-100G
Cooling water volume m3/h 9
Power kW 4
Power of electric heater KW 24
Voltage V 220(380)
2.1. Main bearing 4
Model Bearing 232/600CAK/W33
Weight kg 1620
2.1.1 thermo indicator of bearing 4
Model WEPM-201
Graduation number PT100
Temperature measuring range 0~100
2.1.2. Grease centralized lubricating system
Pump model ZB2-M16F multipoint lubrication pump
Power kW 0.25
Voltage V 380
Nominal pressure MPa 20
Amount of lubricating point 14
2.1.3. Hydraulic system
Motor model Y160L-4
Power kW 15
Voltage V 380
Diameter of master hydro-cylinder mm ¢400
Amount of master hydro-cylinder 4
Normal operation pressure MPa 16
Max. operation pressure MPa 20
Oil cylinder stroke mm 90
2.1.4. Rollers 2
Parent material 35CrMo
Weight kg 14129
Hardfacing layer thickness of rollers mm 20
Hardfacing layer hardness of roller HRC50
Wear-resisting pattern shape of rollers Straight patterns
First maintenance-free lifespan of rollers h ≥8000
2.1.5. Bearing supports 4
Material ZG270-500
Weight kg 3620
2.1.6. Rack
Material Q235-A
Weight kg 23218
2.1.7. Feeding apparatus
Model of driving device to adjust valve plate Manual screw adjustment
Lining plate material Wear resistant
Working lifespan 3000h
2.1.8. Electrical control system
2.2. Weighing bin
Volume t
Weight kg
2.3. "V" Type Powder Separator
2.4. Cyclone environmental protection equipment

PFG150-100 Rolling Machine:
Technical Parameters of PFG150-100 Rolling Machine:

1. Name: PFG150-100 rolling machine
2. Application: clinker crushing
3. Amount: 1 set
4. Material: clinker
5. Total moisture content: ≤1~1.5%
6. Max.feeding size: 80mm
7. Discharging size: more than 60% of products are less than 2mm.
8. Production capacity: 483~543t/h
9. Working mode: continuous
10. Power supply mode: voltage 6KV
11. Layout mode: indoor
12. Required power: 2×710 kW
13. Diameter of roller: 1500mm
14. Width of roller: 1000mm
15. Rotating speed of roller: 19.7 r/min

PFG160-140 Rolling Machine:
Technical Parameters of PFG160-140 Rolling Machine:

1. Name: PFG160-140 rolling machine
2. Application: clinker crushing
3. Amount: 1 set
4. Material: clinker
5. Total moisture content: ≤1-1.5%
6. Max.feeding size: Dmax≤60mm
7. Average feeding size: D≤25mm
8. Discharging size: 22%~30% is 0.08mm.
9. Productivity: 600-720t/h
10. Working mode: continuous
11. Power supply mode: voltage: 10KV; motor model: YR5603-4
12. Layout mode: indoor motor power: 2×1120KW
13. Diameter of roller: 1600mm
14. Width of roller: 1400mm
15. Linear velocity: 1.47m/s
16. Max. crushing capacity: 70KN/cm2
17. V type powder separator: V-XY6817

Established in 1994, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of rolling machine in China. Besides rolling machine, we also provide customers worldwide with scatter grader, powder separator, cement production line, cement grinding plant, industrial kiln and furnace, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, environmental protection equipment, cooling equipment, drying equipment, compound fertilizer equipment, packing machine, chemical equipment and electrical control system. With the certification of ISO9000 and CE, our products have been well received by customers from as many as 60 countries and districts such as Germany, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Bengal, Pakistan, Turkey, Burma, Vietnam, South Africa, Columbia, Bolivia, etc. If you're interested in our rolling machine, please contact us freely.

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