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Rotary Drum Granulator

Rotary Drum Granulator

Description of TQT Series Rotary Drum Granulator:
Our TQT rotary drum granulator is an essential machine for compound fertilizer production. Its granulation ratio is as much as 70%, and its granulated products have strength more than 10N. Besides, its products have even nutrients, and strong adaptability. It can also be used in the production line of compound fertilizers used to supplement water for soils.

Parameters of TQT Series Rotary Drum Granulator:

Model Output Rotating speed Motor type Model of speed reducer Speed ratio Total weight
Ф1.2×3.5M 1.5-6 18 Y160M-6/7.5KW JZQ350 8.23 6
Ф1.4×4.0M 2.5-10 15 Y160L-6/11KW JZQ350 8.23 8
Ф1.6×4.0M 3-12 12 Y160L-6/11KW JZQ350 8.23 11.5
Ф1.6×6.0M 3.5-14 12 Y160L-6/11KW JZQ350 12.5 14
Ф1.8×6.0M 4-16 11.5 Y180L-6/15KW JZQ450 8.23 17
Ф1.8×8.0M 5-18 11.5 Y200L-6/18.5KW ZL60-12 12 19.8
Ф2.0×7.0M 14 8.8 Y180L-4/22KW ZL60-12 12 21.5
Ф2.0×8.0M 8-30 8.8 Y180L-4/22KW ZL60-12 12 24.8
Ф2.2×6.0M 12-40 8.6 Y180L-8/22KW ZL60-12 12 26.5
Ф2.2×8.0M 10-35 8.6 Y225M-6/30KW ZL75-14 14 25.6
Ф2.4×10M 15-24 8.2 Y225M-6/30KW ZL60-14 14 34.9
Ф2.4×8.0M 12-40 8.6 Y225M-6/30KW ZL80-14 14 34
Ф2.6×12M 30 10.5 Y280M-6/55KW ZL85-14 14 51.6
Ф2.6×10M 20-55 10.5 Y280S-6/45KW ZL85-14 14 48.5
Ф2.8×12M 32 10.5 Y280S-6/75KW ZLY224-14 14 66.5
Ф3.0×8M 22-60 10.5 Y315S-6/75KW ZLY224-14 14 62.000
Ф3.0×12M 25-65 10.5 Y315L-6/90KW ZLY250-14 14 86.500
Ф3.2×10M 28-70 10.5 Y315L-6/90KW ZLY250-14 14 96.800
Ф3.2×14M 26-85 10.5 Y315L-6/110KW ZLY280-14 14 95.000

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of rotary drum granulator in China, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd can also provide you with various other machines, such as ammonization granulator, drum granulator, cement production line, cement grinding plant, industrial kiln and furnace, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, environmental protection equipment, cooling equipment, drying equipment, compound fertilizer equipment, packing machine, chemical equipment and electrical control system. Most of our products have passed the certification of ISO9000 and CE, and they have been quite popular among customers from as many as 60 countries and districts such as Germany, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Bengal, Pakistan, Turkey, Burma, Vietnam, South Africa, Columbia, Bolivia, etc. If you need rotary drum granulator, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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