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Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer

Description of Rotary Dryer:
Our rotary dryer is typically designed for reducing or minimizing the liquid moisture content of the materials like slag, clay, limestone, etc. And it is widely used in fields of cement, chemical engineering, metallurgy, building material, and so on.
It is mainly comprised of rotary part, striker plate (it is used to block materials), transmission equipment, and supporting device. And it is characterized by high drying capacity, stable performance, low energy consumption, high productivity, and more.

The working principles of this rotary dryer are as follows: its lifting plate can throw and scatter materials into the rotating cylinder, and the hot air will carry away the moisture in the materials. The moisture will turn into water vapor to be discharged into the atmosphere for drying.

Parameters of Rotary Dryer:

Model (m) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Capacity ( t/h) Speed (r/min) Inclined degree (%) Motor Speed reducer Weight (t)
Model Power ( kw) Model
Ф1.5×12 Ф1500 12000 6-9 1.4-7 5 YCT-225-4B 15 JZQ500 18.6
Ф1.5×14 Ф1500 14000 7-10 1.4-7 5 YCT-225-4B 15 JZQ650 17.9
Ф1.6×14 Ф1600 14000 8-11 1.4-7 5 YCT-225-4B 15 JZQ650 18.6
Ф1.8×14 Ф1800 14000 9-13 3.5-6.5 5 YCT-225-4B 15 JZQ650 20.85
Ф2.0×14 Ф2000 14000 11-16 2.2-7.4 5 YCT-250-4A 18.5 JZQ750 23.2
Ф2.2×12 Ф2200 12000 12-17 2.2-7.4 5 YCT-250-4B 22 JZQ750 30.3
Ф2.2×14 Ф2200 14000 14-20 2.2-7.4 5 YCT-250-4B 22 JZQ750 32.23
Ф2.4×18 Ф2400 18000 21-31 2.2-7.4 4 YCT-280-4A 30 JZQ850 45
Ф2.4×20 Ф2400 20000 23-34 2.2-7.4 4 YCT-315-4A 37 JZQ850 54
Ф2.4×22 Ф2400 22000 26-38 2.2-7.4 4 YCT-315-4A 37 JZQ850 58
Ф2.6×20 Ф2600 20000 28-40 2.2-7.4 4 YCT-315-4B 45 ZQ100 60.5
Ф2.6×24 Ф2600 24000 33-48 2.2-7.4 4 YCT-315-4B 45 ZQ100 72.7
Ф3.0×20 Ф3000 20000 35-54 8.4-3.85 4 YCT-355-4A 55 ZL100 86
Ф3.0×25 Ф3000 25000 46-64 8.4-3.85 4 YCT-355-4B 75 ZL100 96
Ф3.0×28 Ф3000 28000 52-74 8.4-3.85 4 YCT-355-4B 75 ZL100 122
Ф3.2×25 Ф3200 25000 60-80 2.4-7.6 4 YCT-355-4C 90 ZL115 119

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