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Semi Autogenous Mill

Semi Autogenous Mill

Description of Semi Autogenous Mill:
This semi-autogenous mill, also called semi-autogenous grinding mill or SAG mill, is mainly used to grind ores and other particulate matter in different fields, like chemical industry, mining field, metallurgy industry, building material sector, and so on.

It is an autogenous mill in nature, but it employs grinding balls to assist in its grinding just like in a ball mill. And it is mainly used in the first stage of grinding. When compared with a ball mill, it is characterized by its larger diameter and shorter length. The inside of it is lined with lifting plates to lift the materials inside up and around the inside of the mill, where it then falls off the plates into the rest of the ores. And it is widely used to process gold, copper, lead, zinc, alumina, nickel, platinum, etc.

Parameters of Semi Autogenous Mill:

Cylinder diameter (mm) Cylinder length (mm) Effective volume of cylinder (m3) Max. ball loading capacity (t) Rotate speed (r/min) Power of main motor (kw)
4000 1600-3600 19-42 13-29 16.2 310-710
4500 1800-4100 27-61 19-43 15.3 470-110
5000 2000-4500 38-83 27-58 14.5 700-1500
5500 2200-5000 51-112 36-78 13.8 960-2200
6100 2400-5500 69-152 48-106 13.1 1400-3100
6700 2700-6000 93-201 65-140 12.5 2000-4300
7300 2900-6600 120-264 84-184 12 2600-5900
8000 3200-7200 160-347 112-242 11.4 3600-8100
8600 3400-7700 197-429 137-299 11 4600-10000
9200 3700-8300 246-530 172-370 10.7 5900-13000
9800 3900-8800 296-640 206-446 10.3 7300-16000
10400 4200-9400 359-770 250-537 10 9100-20000
11000 4400-9900 422-909 294-634 9.8 11000-25000
11600 4600-10400 492-1064 343-742 9.5 13000-30000
12200 4900-11000 580-1246 405-869 9.2 16000-36000

Note: Parameters in the form is only for reference, and specific ones should be referred to the signed contract technology requirements.

Established in 1994, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of semi-autogenous mill in China. Besides semi-autogenous mill, we also provide customers worldwide with overflow mill, quartz sand ball mill, cement production line, cement grinding plant, industrial kiln and furnace, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, environmental protection equipment, cooling equipment, drying equipment, compound fertilizer equipment, packing machine, chemical equipment and electrical control system. With the certification of ISO9000 and CE, our products have been well received by customers from as many as 60 countries and districts such as Germany, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Bengal, Pakistan, Turkey, Burma, Vietnam, South Africa, Columbia, Bolivia, etc. If you're interested in our semi-autogenous mill, please contact us freely.

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